I’m Abby, a front-end web developer in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve been in the business of making websites — as both designer and developer — since 1996. My background in graphic design, typography, illustration, and art history informs my work.

Art directors and web designers trust me to meticulously execute their visions and to fill in design gaps when necessary. Programmers and back-end developers rely on me to add polish to their rough prototypes.

I develop custom themes for a variety of content management systems including Concrete5, Perch, and WordPress. My day-to-day tools are Coda, CodeKit, SequelPro, Photoshop, and git. My materials are semantic HTML, css/sass, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery. I firmly believe that today’s websites must be responsive — pleasant to view and navigate on an ever-increasing number of internet-enabled devices.

For 8 years, I was senior web developer at Gere Donovan Creative. I now have my own business and welcome opportunities to help out designers, artists and other small business people with their web development needs. Need some assistance? Drop me a line!